About Us

com n' sense

com n’ sense, located at the corner of a concrete and bustling wilderness.

We believe that there is no limitation to themes and creative settings. If any, journey out your life through an oasis of simplicity and calmness. Adjust your pace, walk and revisit your lost slow tempo while we bring quality and unexpected experiences into your moments. At com n’ sense, we selectively choose the everyday classics, ranging from furniture, stationery, clothing to lifestyle products, which we have sourced and collected from worldwide. We provide you with exclusive hands-on experiences to creating your own style by offering customised workshops and tool stations. com n’ sense commits to share a common ground for designers to explore opportunities and appreciation.

Have a coffee break to relax or chill out and leave your worries behind! Walk through the doors of com n’ sense to awaken your original objectives of sense and perception, innovation and anticipation. com n' sense is dedicated to Living in a timeless lifestyle, through establishing the form of common sense, which belongs to that special and unique [you].

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