Hong Kong Exclusive - Lucis Wireless Lamp (ABS) HKD499.00
SNAP! PRO - Premium Package HKD899.00
Hong Kong Exclusive - Lucis Wireless Lamp (Aluminum) HKD888.00
Orée - Board 2 & Genuine Leather Pouch (Tablet Combo) HKD2,380.00
SNAP! PRO - Advanced Package HKD499.00
Orée - Board 2 & Touch Slab (Desktop Combo) HKD3,380.00
duncan shotton - Nice to meet you Card case HKD399.00
Perrocaliente - GARABOU Towel HKD120.00
Perrocaliente - Cold Sense Towel Sport HKD329.00
MR 10.4 x 15cm 石頭紙防水筆記本 (72 Sheets) HKD95.00
WORTHER Shorty Cherry Wood Multi-Purpose Mechanical Pencil (Round Barrel) HKD480.00
ZIG Memory System Calligraphy Metallic Color – 2mm & 3.5mm twin tip 6-color set HKD108.00
MILAN Cubic Pencil Sharpener HKD12.00
Humor Canister (Large) HKD269.00
MILAN P1 Touch Assorted Colors Ball Pens HKD12.50
MILAN Compact Touch Sharpener + Eraser HKD29.00
MR 10.4 x 15cm Stonepaper Notebook (72 pages) HKD95.00
MILAN Duo Holes Extension Pencil Sharpener HKD19.00
MILAN 0.7 Mechanical Pencil HKD16.00
MIQUELRIUS Logbook Series - Art by Cosas Minimas HKD62.00
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